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Packaging Material, Plastic Packaging Material, Plastic Air Bubble Packaging, India

We manufacturers of packaging material, " PLASTIC AIR BUBBLE ROLLS , SHEETS & POUCHES for various purpose in industrial , commercial & residential utility." We manufacturers specially tailored pouches on automatic machinery as per customer satisfaction. We can also provide special properties in bubble field like antistatic grade selection colour range laminated bubble sheets etc.
  Salient Features :-
  • Solid non permeable film surface stops convective heat loss and infiltration
  • Offers cushioning and protection against breakage and damage during transit or storage
  • Resilience, flexibility, and resistance to shocks and abrasions including excellent
  • Resistant to moisture, fungi and corrosive chemicals.
  • Clean, hygienic and dust free.
  • Enhances product life and improves product presentation
Pharmaceutical Field   |   Agricultural Field   |  Fine Arts & Creative Field   |   Engineering & Steel Industries